Social Responsibility

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Mr. Xu Punan once said :¡°Treasure does not only stand for the ability of a company, but for more responsibility of enterprises and entrepreneurs. Managing a company or creating a brand comes down to responsibility, we do business not only to create wealth, but also to build a bridge of love¡±. Over the years, all subsidiary companies of Safewell keep donating to the Foundation every year. Safewell employees also voluntarily contribute donations to the society and pass on the public spirited positive energy with the Safewell core value ¡°Safety you can rely on¡±.



On 23. January Zhejiang launched a first-level response to major public health emergencies. A new coronavirus is rampant in Wuhan and even Hubei, and spread throughout the country with the Spring Festival movement.

A difficult one, P Plus support. At the critical moment of the epidemic prevention and control campaign, the shortage of protective equipment is still a difficult problem in the prevention and control work. Safewell takes the initiative to take social responsibility. The loving material procurement team headed by Chairman Xu Punan of Board of Directors of Safewell and Committee Member Mao Donghong contacted overseas company employees, overseas customers and partners for the first time, responded actively, and participated in the procurement of protective materials Come to work.

In this epidemic, Safewell donated a total of six batches of protective materials worth 3 million. Volunteer volunteers, mobilized by Mr. Xu Punan personally, rushed to the airport customs and delivered materials to the medical institutions and frontline units of epidemic prevention in Hubei, Beilun, Yinzhou, Jiashan.

Faced with the pneumonia epidemic caused by the new crown virus, Safewell will continue to use practical actions to faithfully fulfill the corporate social responsibilities, strictly implement the governments deployment of epidemic prevention and control work, and effectively promote all internal epidemic prevention and control work in Safewell The implementation, implementation, and detail of the plan will contribute to the victory of this epidemic of the national war.

Help the old to help the poor

May 24, 2016, Safewell volunteers to carry a group of Korean imports of water purification machine into the "Ming Jue Ci Xiuyuan." Ming Chi Chee Court is a home for the elderly, currently living with more than 70 elderly and orphans and disabled persons. Mingjue Cixiaoyuan is located in five townships, surrounded by mountains, where the residents do not for the city water, living water depends on the mountains of the spring. As the water from the mountains down, microbes, impurities, heavy metal long-term plagued people living in homes for the elderly, that the situation, Safewell family and the World Charity Foundation emergency allocation of a number of high-performance Korean imports of water purifier sent to Here, to ensure the safety of drinking water for the elderly.

January 7, 2016, Safewell International fourth into the small village of Ningbo Bai Feng Xiaomin and the new village, a total of 259 local people over the age of 70 in advance of the New Years New Years money. According to the age of 70-80 years between the elderly each 1,000 yuan, 80-90 years old between the elderly each

1500,90-100 per person between the elderly 2500,100 over the age of 5,000 standard payment per person.

October 21, 2015, 99 Chung Yeung Festival, Safewell volunteers into the old revolutionary base areas of Yuyao Si Mingshan Dai Mi Village, for the elderly sent to the care and greetings to the village more than 100 elderly people presented a holiday gift. But also for the village hall to bring new cultural and educational tables and chairs and other multimedia equipment, enrich the daily life of the elderly.

Youth Education

April 26, 2016, Safewell volunteers entered the Ninglang County, Lijiang City, Yunnan Province, four schools for the mountain village of Hailuo small, Biyuan finished small, small Ping Village, Shen Village, nearly 400 small children to send Went to the Safewell love bags and stationery. It contains the stationery, pencil, eraser, watercolor pen, crayon, ruler, book, pencil case and so on which will be used in primary school students. Safewell staff spontaneously one to one end of the student activities, local knot on the 30 poor students, not only to the children in the study to give material support, also gave the spirit of guidance, with love each student.

November 24, 2015, in Tianshui City, Gansu Province, Qingshui County town of white camel Tongbao, a "Ningbo" this love city named Hope Primary School - Ningbo Primary School completed. This is Safewell International Ningbo love all walks of life enterprises, in less than six months time to build an area of 3420 square meters of school. Poor mountain children do not have to brave the cold and heat every day to go 4 hours to go to school, but also in the bright and spacious classroom reading and writing.


By the "Fit" brought heavy rainfall, at 10:00 on October 10, 2013, Safewell volunteers in the first contact with the Yuyao disaster relief office, ready to trucks, mineral water, dry food and other materials, starting To Yuyao affected settlements. On the afternoon of October 12, 13:00, the second batch of relief materials (disinfectant, garbage bags, gloves, masks, etc.) of Safewell World Charity Foundation arrived in Yuyao with the quickest speed, and sent to the local affected people. On the Safewell people little love.

Involved in social assistance is Safewell people incumbent responsibility. Yaan earthquake in 2013, 2014 earthquake in Ludian, Nepal earthquake in Tibet in 2015, all affect the heart of Safewell, Safewell each time before the disaster will raise money in the first time, to the people sent to the disaster area warm, Because we believe that only with love lay their homes will be invincible!