Quality Assurance

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Safewells consistent quality management is able to guarantee permanent enhancement of the products, services and internal processes. The Safewell partners benefit from the corresponding standards, perfect satiation of their expectations.

The consistent Safewell quality philosophy has resulted in internationally recognized certifications for example ISO9001:2015

One decisive contribution to such certifications is the careful handling of valuable natural resources and subsequent protection for the environment and public health.

Process Control

We have established a complete set of RoHS product management system, strictly controlled in every procedure from suppliers management to product shipment and set up control positions such as IQC. IPQC. FQC. OQC

Our QA/QC department performs strict quality control on all purchasing material, spare parts and throughout our entire production process to ensure the high quality of every rack and cabinet. QC engineers cover more than 10% among the total employees.

Inspect Ability

Our quality inspection lab, in which are advanced testing equipment to ensure our products excellent quality, such as coat thickness testing machine,earth bonding tester,RoHS tester,color difference meter and so on.

Safewells racks and cabinets are tested daily in our own quality testing lab to ensure that they meet our demanding standards and can provide maximum for our customers.

Sample Production

Mass Production