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Producibility:high integration All-in-room design,rack,cooling,power in one set system.
Fast building:single rack.
High density:Maximum 3KVA power for one rack.
Air conditioner type:front supply air and back return air with EC fans, without outdoor system design.
Modularity product:UPS and intelligent power unit using efficient model.
Green energy saving:PUE<1.5.



Apply to 20m² data center.
Use into the data center of internet,carrier operator,government,enterprise,education,hospital,banking etc.



One unit 19inch 42U standard rack with 900mm width,1 unit 3KW.
1 unit 3KVA UPS and battery group,1 unit power distribution cabinet.
1 set environment monitoring management system.
MDC covers an area of 1.08m2, with a front and rear maintenance area for 1200mm; left and right maintenance area for 600mm.